Scamorza cheeseis hanged together in strings to ripen for about two weeks after the production process. The process of ripening the cheese has given Scamorza its name, which in southern Italy means ‘beheaded’. Taste the texture of Scamorza: it is elastic, stringy and the flavor is more piquant, milky and creamy. Smoked Scamorza has a subtle, smoky flavor with a sweet, light caramel note. Try Scamorza as fresh dish or to flavor your baking dishes. Check the nutritional facts and the calories and enjoy your food!

Keep refrigerated max + 4 °C.   Product suitable for vegetarian

Shape: 300 gr. – 1000 gr.

Ingredients:  Pasteurized cow’s milk, salt, rennet

Nutritional values for 100 gr.:
Energy Kcal / Kj 262/1080
Protein gr. 18.1
Fat grams. 20.4
Carbohydrate Grs. 1.5

Shelf Life: 45 days

Packaging: 2 pcs