Mozzarella Buffalo

Our Buffalo mozzarella is a fresh, soft, semi-elastic textured cheese. The italian traditional manufacturing process states that the cheese has to be stretched and formed into various shapes. This gives the snowy white mozzarella a mild yet slightly sour taste. The texture is soft, moist and somewhat granular. It is coated with a thin edible rind. Try it with salad’s, pasta’s, calzone’s, vegetable’s and various side dishes. It is also common in popular Italian recipes such as lasagne and baked dished. When used in cooking, heated mozzarella becomes slightly creamy. Check the nutritional facts and the calories and enjoy your food!

Keep refrigerated max + 4 °C. (before consumtion, to best enjoy its organoleptic characteristics, put the closed pack in warm water for few minutes or at room temperature.)
 Product suitable for vegetarian

Shape:  125 gr. – 300 gr.

Ingredients:  Pasteurized buffalo’s milk, salt, rennet.

Organoleptic characteristics:
Colour: pearly white  –  Smell: lactic  –  Taste: sour and spicy

Nutritional values for 100 gr.:
Energy Kcal / Kj 285/1174
Protein gr. 17.8
Fat grams. 23.5
carbohydrate. Grs. 0.6

Shelf Life: 21 Days

Transportation rules: +0 / +4 ° C with ATP provided with means suitable for conveying milk and dairy products.

Packaging: 1 kg