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is a fresh cheese manufacturing company located in Ras Al Khaimah free trade zone. The Company produces fresh cheese daily, buying milk from UAE milk producers. ITALFOOD FZC is a privately owned company. The Company was founded in Italy by the ancestor of the Production Leader and Partner Mr. Ciro Romano in 1955.  The family started the business in the beautiful and peaceful country of Lettere, whose origins belonged to the Romans era. This natural and rural place is located in the southern part of the Gulf of Naples, perched on Lattari mountains, of which regional park is a part, in front of the famous island of CAPRI. The company had been supplying Mozzarella cheese in Italy for more than 50 years, and then the new generation built a new a modern company in Gragnano and Milan, and recently relocated in the UAE.  So in 2010 ITALFOOD FZC was born in the UAE area operating in 850 square meters warehouse facility. The company comes from a strong tradition of mozzarella producers from one side, and experienced manager from the other side. Our policy is to provide the clients with high quality products and excellent service. Italfood has invested the main part of its capital in Italian high technology machines, in order to provide to clients the real Italian mozzarella cheese using milk from UAE milk farms. Our goal is to produce cheese according to Italian culture and technology, using daily fresh local milk to provide clients with healthy and high quality cheeses without any preservatives. Our production takes place every day in order to dispatch the products to the market within forty-eight hours only. As such our cheese is much more tasty and healty.


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