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pizzaItalfood is one of the UAE leading catering suppliers of specialty authentic Mediterranean and Italian chef ingredients, sourced directly from Italy, made to traditional regional recipes using

only homemade or local produce. We have many products array available in our portfolio including many types of pasta (premium quality, dried egg pasta in many unusual shapes and sizes) and combinations of sauce ingredients. It is true to say we have everything you need to create exquisite Mediterranean and Italian cuisine dishes. Our range allows any innovative chef to develop and create the easiest possible exciting dishes  with the minimum effort and time.

The ingredients are also preserved and this makes them available through the 4 seasons and we can therefore guarantee consistency in our product supply, quality and taste. As UAE suppliers of high quality Italian pasta and egg pasta, extra virgin olive oils, sauces and specialty ingredients, Italfood allows you to spend less time in finding products and have more time free in the kitchen to develop new recipes and to devote time to the other essential Ingredient, your precious customers.